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John Lyons

John Lyons

Hear what renowned horse trainer John Lyons has to say about these gaited horses....

Paso Finos For Your Pleasure

Cree Valley Paso Finos raise naturally gaited paso fino horses.  We have pinto, buckskin, palomino, cremello, grey, and bay.  Pick your color!


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"Paso Fino" means "fine step".  Because each foot meets the ground in an individual and evenly executed sequence, this breed of horse undeniably gives the smoothest ride possible.  The paso's four beat lateral gait comes natural to the horse -- it is not a trained gait.   This makes the paso fino breed the perfect choice for endurance and trail rides -- even though, historically, they were used as ranch horses for working cattle, etc.  These gaited horses may not mature as early as other breeds and it may be five years before they reach full height.

The paso fino is also the perfect choice for people who have back and knee problems, who otherwise would have to give up riding horses due to the jarring of the trot. No posting is required when riding these horses.

Cree Valley breeds for gait, color and size.
  • gait -- We endeavor to have our pasos gait    whether in hand or in the field.
  • color -- pinto, palomino, buckskin, cremello -- take your pick!
  • size -- 14 to 15 hands high
Our bloodlines go back to Capuchino, Contrapunto, Mr. Puerto Rico, Majestuoso, Hilachas and other early Cuban, Puerto Rican, and Columbian lines.  

Our stallions and mares are registered with the PFHA.

View our paso fino sale horses and call today!

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